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More than 6 out of 10 Americans are Overweight and nearly 4 out of 10 are Obese! One thing some people say they'd like to avoid when going to their physicians office (in front of blood pressure check-ups and just behind needles) is the weight scale. Why? It's because people know when they are overweight. Their household mirrors don't lie and neither do the clothes that seem to get tighter and tighter every year. No one needs to be told that they're overweight anymore than they need to be told that being overweight is unhealthy or that it can lead to health issues and prohibits them from doing things they'd normally like to do. These things can become apparent very quickly.

What often isn't apparent is that there REALLY ARE things one can take that WILL help you to lose weight easier than will-power alone or that nearly 59 million people, in America alone, suffer from thyroid problems that may make it nearly impossible for them to lose weight and also can make their lives miserable. Being overweight or having a thyroid problem makes you sluggish, lowers your sex drive and causes multiple health issues. Thankfully, My Nutrition Source gives you the power of natural supplements because nature has provided us the resources that many people can use to aid them in warding off the effects of thyroid problems as well as helping a person lose weight -- with or without thyroid issues.

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Adrenal Cortisol Support Bellatude - Natural Progesterone Cream BioPrime Protein Shake - Chocolate
Adrenal Cortisol Support
Our Price: $32.00
Supports healthy adrenal function, normal cortisol levels, relieve stress, and stress-related eating.

The Solution to Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Low Sex Drive, Fatigue and Balanced Hormones Your body uses protein every day to enable it to perform almost every metabolic function that takes place in your body.
BioPrime Protein Shake - Vanilla Certified Organic Triple Fiber + Doctor's Choice Metabolism 5000
Your body uses protein every day to enable it to perform almost every metabolic function that takes place in your body.
An excellent source of fiber that your body needs to function properly. Boost Your Energy Levels, Reduce Fatigue and Lose Weight Easier
Doctor's Choice Slimber Doctor's Choice Super Colon Cleanse Doctor's Choice Thyroid Synergy
Doctor's Choice Slimber
Our Price: $29.99
Reduce Belly Fat, Increase Lean Muscle and Energy and Improve Your Overall Health A powerful, yet gentle way to help ensure that your body stays clean and regular and free from constipation.
Provides your body with extra amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Doctor's Choice Vitamin D
Doctor's Choice Vitamin D
Our Price: $11.99
-Healthier Bones
-Stronger Muscles
-Fewer Infections

Thyroid Synergy is the #1 selling thyroid supplement through My Nutrition Source. Our weight loss supplements are second to none in quality, potency and effectiveness.